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How do we promote our expo?

We create a buzz among people about the expo by adopting different channels of promotion. We believe that the promotional activities which are followed in one city are not valid in other city. Hence, we first analyze the taste of people and customize the promotions according to the city dwellers. We work on ground level and do our best to find the all possible way to make the expo hit. Our aim is to reach maximum number of people of the city. We adopt a combination of promotional channels which are given below.

  • Print media advertisements like News papers.
  • Digital Marketing i.e. marketing on some social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, linkedin etc through either paid or unpaid promotion.
  • Promotional SMS.
  • E-mailers to our target database.
  • Pamphlets

Depending upon the need and demand of time, we sometimes follow the following channels for promotion.

  • Promotions on electronic media like TV and Radio
  • Banners and Hoardings at prime locations.
  • Auto ad

Aggressive Media Campaign For Visitor Promotion

The organisers of HWE are undertaking an extensive media campaign for visitor promotion covering newspapers, business and trade magazines, online, TV and Radio backed by a social media campaign and PR. The various campaign avenues being tapped are: